The Story

Dakishvili Vinyards is a small family winery in the village Shalauri near the town Telavi in Eastern part of Georgia. We have been growing grapes and producing wine for nearly 10 decades. We make Saperavi, Rkatsiteli and Kisi from only grapes grown on our own vineyards. All our wines are “estate bottled”. We (barrel and qvevri)-age in our wine cellar and release our wines later than others to allow them to develop and mature. Our wines are only sold direct to the leading Georgian restaurants and in the best wine boutics. Three generations of Dakishvili work here to deliver quality wine at a great value with personal service.

  • Giorgi


  • Temuri


  • Davit


Dakishvili Vineyards

Dakishvili Family Vineyards is located in the Kondoli Valley which boasts a unique micro-climate for growing the grapes we use to make our wines. Kondoli Valley is located 10 kilometers east of town Telavi, resulting in a slightly higher angle to the sun and greater solar intensity.. At 400 meters above sea level, the Kondoli Valley offers an ideal location for growing premium wine grapes. The perfect balance of geography, microclimate and well-drained soil come together to create just the right environment for exquisitely handcrafted wines. Dakishvili family vineyards are located on the sloped and good drainage place at 350 meters above sea level. The surrounding of Caucasian mountains average 1,000 to nearly 4,000 meter elevation. The heavy cold air that collects between the high peaks during the night drains off the heights much like water, joining cold moist air from the Alazani River to meander through the Alazani Valley, creating a double cooling effect. As a result, nighttime lows in and around Kondoli Valley are very cool. The cool nighttime temperatures are critical in developing high quality grapes. The alluvial soil, with clay, gravel, sand and limestone has another significant influence on wine quality. The limestone offers good drainage in the wet years, retaining much needed moisture in the dry vintages, while adding various mineral elements to the soils, which transfer to the grapes. Clay is produced from degraded limestone can contain a high, CEC, also known as Citation Exchange Capacity. That CEC is important as it allows the soil to help bring more nutrients into the grape vines. Because of the relationship between limestone and clay, the clay possesses many of the chemical compounds and nutrients that add to the uniqueness of the terroir; including calcium and other trace minerals, that along with the CEC, help the soils to retain water and feed the vines.

Visit us!

By appointment , we welcome friends and wine lovers to the winery for a tour and tasting. Led by a family member, we enjoy sharing what is happening in the vineyard and in the winery, followed by tasting new and older wines in the cellar . Please call or email us to reserve a place or to inquire about additional tour availability.

Village Shalauri, Telavi District 2200, Georgia
Winemaker - Temuri Dakishvili